Squaw Valley Claims Success After Major Rainstorm

Water quality has always been an important issue for the team at Squaw Valley Ski Resort who invested heavily in the Summer of 2016 in an updated well water system for an isolated region of the slopes. Liesl Kenney, Public Relations director at the historic Californian resort has recently explained a major November rainstorm with water levels far above those that could be expected inundated four wells providing water to the High Camp and Gold Coast areas of the Upper Mountain and brought bacteria into this isolated region’s water supply.


The statement released by Liesl Kenney explained the arrival of E.Coli and Coliform in the Upper Mountain water supply was quickly identified through Squaw Valley’s own testing procedures that have proven to be a major success for the management team at the resort. As soon as the bacteria was identified, the contaminated water supply was turned off to the region and the fast actions of resort staff resulted in no visitors being offered contaminated water at any point; Liesl Kenney believes the work of Squaw Valley staff was just the first step in protecting the public from harm as the process of returning the water supply to safe levels continues in the resort.


Squaw valley has already stated the safety and protection of guests from harm is the most important aspect of the work being completed over the water contamination, Placer County Environmental Health officials have reported E.Coli has been removed from three of four wells and Coliform levels lowered. Despite the success achieved so far, Squaw Valley has confirmed the water supply and restaurants in the Upper Mountain area will remain closed until the contamination has been overcome. Complimentary bottled water is being provided for guests as they ski the slopes that remain open from top to bottom at this popular resort close to Lake Tahoe.



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