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Tammy Mozzocco Real Estate Agent Par Excellence

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate professional who sells residential properties in Central Ohio. She works in four counties, Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware, and Licking. She got her start in real estate working for a nine-man group of commercial realtors. From there she became the manager of a condominium project and stayed there for seven years. Her boss encouraged her to get her real estate license in 1995 which helped with projects that he had at the time.

In 1998, Tammy worked for a very successful realtor Joe Armeni as a licensed assistant and it was here that she experienced what a good, successful real estate office looked like and how it worked. In 1999, she joined the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX. Judy was a friend and a mentor to Tammy, and Tammy thrived under the relationship.

Today, Tammy ( is very passionate about her real estate career, and she works hard at it. Her days are full and productive. Like any sales job, activity is the key to success, and Tammy has plenty of activity. She begins her day early, with some early exercises and meditation. Then it’s off she goes to the office for the mundane chores such a getting at the email, paperwork, and phone prospecting. She is a big fan of the leads that are furnished by the services such as Zillow and, as they are interested prospects, or they would not have left their names. However, the bulk of Tammy’s sales come from satisfied customers and referrals.

When people ask her today what one activity helps her to focus and push the ball forward, she tells them it’s her ability to set meaningful goals and then to break them down into smaller action steps. It is a lot easier to solve a goal if each step is easy. Then eventually the whole objective is taken care of.

One attitude she takes is not to take her too seriously, as everything is not always set in stone. It is very important to live without fear of failure because you are going to blow it once in a while. But above all, don’t settle for second best, just keep going.

But the one big thing that she focuses on all the time is to treat prospective clients just like she would. She respects their attitudes, goals, problems and investment because if she can help to solve some of their issues, they will probably be ready to buy a house.

Check out her social media pages on tumblr and Facebook for more information.

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