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Jose Borghi Speaks Generally about Brazilian Advertising

As Mullen Lowe’s top manager, Jose Borghi knows a thing or two about advertising. He’s been in the business for many years. He’s created some of the most successful ads the world has ever seen. Jose Borghi’s been recognized as one of the best advertisers of the modern times.

In a recent article, he talked about the importance of advertising. Everyone knows that advertising is important, but many don’t know how confusing advertising really is. It’s the first area of any company to feel the effects of a marketing crisis.

Advertising does more than just aid company sales and brand recognition. In times of crisis, marketers have the task of creating strategies that are capable of mitigating the effects of an unstable economy. This means that marketers become the lifeline for a company’s survival. Proper advertising becomes essential for the brand’s strength and contact him.

Common mistakes companies make is only allows their advertisements to present products and services. Borghi said that companies should allow the advertising department to be a part of all the brand’s strategies. Marketers have to work with department leaders so that they can better represent the company as a whole.

Another use for the marketing department is analyzing market situations. It’s the marketers’ job to research and create the best advertisement for that particular campaign period. If done properly, marketers can prevent any possible moments of instability. In a way, it will result in the company showing a form of commitment to their customers.

Although it can be scary to produce new advertisements during times of economic instability, there are also many rewards that can be won. Moments of crisis can quickly turn into success for anyone with the courage to be innovative and more information click here.


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  • Angie Terrence

    One thing about the advertisement agencies generally is that they are a group of people that are very creative in their thinking. This helps college study tips put up a better marketing strategy that promotes their clients businesses and it is the basic necessity in the business setting. As for Borghi he has set the standard in the Brazilian advertisement sector.

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