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Insight of Julie Zuckerberg’s Successful Life

Julie Zuckerberg is currently based out of New York. She attended City University of New York-Brooklyn College and completed her study in philosophy. She later went on to study law at the New York Law School.


Julie Zuckerberg began her career at Hudson. She worked at Hudson as a director of candidate placement for five years. During her time with the company, she recruited case managers, support staff, paralegals, attorneys and other employees. Not only did she recruit employees, but she also provided information about the job, guidelines, promotions and benefits. She also provided support to employees that were having workplace-related issues. She resolved issues within legal framework. Julie Zuckerberg helped resolve conflict within the company.


She left Hudson in 2007 to work for Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York as the executive recruiter. She helped management by suggesting recruitment strategies and compensation to help the company with their competition. She also gave management her opinion on potential employees. Julie Zuckerberg also helped with negotiations such as equity buyouts, relocation, immigration and other negotiations.


In 2017, she was going to be the executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions. Julie Zuckerberg left Citi Group and joined the New York Life Insurance Company. She provided recruitment support to management during her time with the company. She also worked with senior management to provide solutions and business planning.


Julie Zuckerberg is currently the executive recruitment lead and vice president at Deutsche Bank. She helps recruitment executive groups with her coaching and counseling abilities. She also helps recruit M.D. level positions, and she leads negotiations.


Julie Zuckerberg has come a long way with recruiting employees to the banking industry. During her time in various roles, Julie learned what companies were looking for in potential employees. She also learned what bank employees wanted during employment with the company to keep them satisfied and happy with their jobs. Julie looks for current employees of the company she works for when there is an open position. She believes in promoting within.


She is very active on social media. Not only does she use social media during her personal time, but she also uses it to find potential employees that already have experience in the banking industry.


Julie Zuckerberg sometimes gets other employees involved during hiring processes. Other employees sometimes have good insight on whether an employee would be a good fit for the company. Employees help contribute information about the candidate before they are scheduled for an interview.


Julie Zuckerberg resides in Manhattan, New York, when she isn’t working. Jogging, cooking, eating out, photography and discovering new technology are some of the activities she enjoys during her personal time. She also likes to visit art galleries. Not only does she have a busy personal and work life, but she is an active volunteer in her community. She frequently volunteers for organizations that are related to economic empowerment, animal welfare, conserving the environment and anything that involves human rights.


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