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Entrepreneur Brad Reifler Explains How His Fund Helps The Middle Class

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur in the financial industry. Early in his career he founded his first financial firm, Reifler Trading Company, which was an investment firm. He is also the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Pali Capital, which he founded in 1995.

Under his leadership, Pali Capital invested in the equity markets around the globe. At Pali Capital, he specialized in packaging trust funds and building derivative structures. His success led to Pali Capital earning more than $1 billion a year just in commission income.

According to Bloomberg, other companies that Brad Reifler has been a leader at include the European Investment Bank, Wins Finance Holdings, Foresight Research Solutions, Sino Mercury Company, and Genesis Securities. He now heads Forefront Capital, LLC, an investment company that he founded.

He has also developed a number of subsidiaries of his company including Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory, LLC. Forefront Capital, which he founded in 2009, has clients such as institutional investors and business leaders. He provides packaged equity investment funds that are able to consistently do better than the average stock market returns.

At Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler has also created a fund for average investors which is called Forefront Income Trust. This fund, which is non-correlated with the stock market, gives normal investors access to the types of assets that in the past have only been available to the richest 1%.

The fund has invested in direct consumer and business loans as well as specialty finance. As a way to help people save more for retirement as well as other financial goals, the fund doesn’t make any money until the investor has earned more than 8%.

When talking about Forefront Income Trust, Brad Reifler has said that there are three main problems with most funds targeted towards the middle class. First, most charge far too much in fees which eat a huge amount of the returns.

Second, most people haven’t been able to invest in certain assets in the past because of outdated rules. Third, most people are exposed to far too much stock market risk because they don’t have any other options that can make good returns.

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