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Hussain Sajwani Real Estate Titan and President Trump’s Business Partner

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani the CEO and chairman of the advantageous real estate company DAMAC Properties was founded in Dubai circa 2002. Sajwani is an extremely successful and courageous business man who’s current net-worth is within $4 billion.

Before the launch of Sajwani’s luxurious real estate firm, he had been apart of a $3 billion investment company DICO Investments. This man was born with the tremendous gift of constructing nothing but the finest and nothing even resembling mediocre.

Thanks to the DAMAC owner his glamorous eye for fine architecture and construction of high end hotels, apartments and any sort of business related work space. Sajwani creates masterpieces and has turned Dubai into a forever growing city, far more advanced then a lot of the skyscrapers filling the skylines of American cities. He also had a big hand in expanding Dubai in the mid 90’s to accompany the growing population of immigration due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Some of his very first projects saw immediate success, having a high amount of rooms already occupied during the construction of the 38 story building. Mr. Sajwani is also truly a charismatic person, he is very giving and never hesitates being apart of charitable associations.

While being in the food service industry in the 1990’s he had shown tremendous efforts in supplying food to the US military while the first Iraq war occurred in 1991. Sajwani spent a good portion of his career in the food catering industry throughout the early 80’s and 90’s, all though he abandoned it after realizing the profit potential just wasn’t there.

Because of the 2008 economical crash in Dubai, changing the way DAMAC Properties operated was a must. Since the crash caused the company to lose money due to lawsuits, new measures were taken to ensure smart decision was made before moving forward on new projects. Being the innovator that he is didn’t stop him from plans to expand to Saudi Arabia and perhaps Turkey.

Not only has he helped provide the US Military with food, but has worked with the US under other circumstances such as collaborating with Bechtel and Donald Trump as of most recently. In 2013 the two took on the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai and has been extremely successful.

Donald trump and Hussain Sujwani have an outstanding relationship and partnering, they even celebrated New Years together where Trump threw a party at Mar-a-Lago. Both talk extremely highly of one another and Trump even commented on how beautiful the Hussain Sajwani family was at the gathering.

Sajwani hopes to further their partnership. All though Mr. Sajwani plans to continue expanding with Trump, the president himself doesn’t seem to have an interest in continuing business with the real estate mogul while in office.

However Sajwani has more than a relationship with just the US President, the relationship extends throughout all of Trumps family including Ivanka and his sons who were all very impressionable on Sajwani. He believes the Trump family will continue to cooperate with him on further expansion.

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