Omar Yunes does Mexico Proud by Winning the Best Franchisee of the World Award (BFW)

Mexico is a jubilant nation since one of their own, Omar Yunes, has brought the most covetous award, BFW, home. The Best Franchisee of the World Award is an award that seeks to celebrate the effort a franchisee to the brand they represent. For Omar and Sushi Itto the writing is on the wall for everybody to see. Mr. Omar is the epitome of growth and development. The franchisee of the world acquired his first Sushi Itto food chain at 21 years, and since then he has been progressing nonstop. Currently, Omar Yunes owns 13 Sushi Itto stores distributed across Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz.

The first ever BFW Mexico edition saw in attendance at least 34 countries among them Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, France, and Mexico. Announcing the results, Diego Elizarrarrás, the event organizer, made it clear that the award evaluated in all the nominees the effectiveness of the franchise and not the main brand. Areas evaluated include network influence, the improvements it had made in the initial model, how well its employees are motivated, and the contributions it had made to its employees. In addition to these factors, Mr. Omar was able to prove a good relationship with the brand hence scooping the top award coupled with the first place national qualifier.

Franchising is among the most profitable business models in the world today. A lot of franchisees tend to ride on the benefits of the already established business brand. However, although this is partly true, it does not always guarantee success. It takes a lot more than just commitment to the brand; franchisee must be willing to put their expertise, skills, and innovation if they are to attain the results they desire.

Mr. Omar Yunes is a man walking this talk. With a reputation of leading 10% stake in one of the most established food chain- Sushi Itto globally, Yunes is proving to be a force to reckon with. Currently, with an employee workforce of over 400 employees, Omar has proved that he is also an effective leader and employees are well motivated to produce the excellent results evidenced by the award.
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