Fabletics and the Loyalty of Consumers

Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson is aware that there are still millions of people that she has not reached, and she wants to make a good first impression so quality is something that she always puts a grand emphasis on.


Millions of customers have found out about the brand and become loyal customers, but Kate always realizes that there are people that still have not made purchases from this company. These are the customers that she is out to win as she opens more stores and continues to interview and talk about her brand.


Kate Hudson really depends on the loyalty of her customer base because they are going to be the ones to spread the word. They have a great amount of influence on their friends, and this is recognized through areas such as Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. People that are making comments about the brand and re-tweeting these comments or posting likes about certain outfits will determine the popularity of Fabletics. Kate Hudson is well aware of this, and that is why she makes every effort to stay wired into what her fans are saying.


Hudson is interested in their input, and she wants to know about what they think when it comes to new products from Fabletics. This is why she has partnered with Demi Lovato for a limited edition of the Fabletics clothing line. Demi Lovato has her own signature “Confidence” brand that she is bringing for a limited time only to “Fabletics,” and this has been inspired largely by what the consumers want to see.


Kate Hudson realizes that it’s a two-way street when it comes to communication with customers. She is aware of that she can collect all the input that she would like, but if she never takes the time to do anything with the input that she has collected then her efforts are futile. Customers appreciate the fact that she is making changes in her brand, and this is what makes many of these consumers loyal to Fabletics and the road that Kate Hudson is paving for athletic clothing for women.


There are other competitive brands out there that have the same type of business model that Kate has utilized, but few of these websites have a lifestyle quiz. This is something that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg incorporated with JustFab and they incorporated the same business model for athletic clothing with Fabletics.

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