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A New Meeting for US Money Reserve Stakeholders

At the heart of US Money Reserve, success is customer care and good relationship with their clients. Following up on the latest issues that may affect investments have also led to the growth of the company where customers feel that they are covered in all aspects. Earlier this week, the company said that it would hold an emergency meeting with all relevant stakeholders of the company including clients. Read more: U.S Money Reserve | Crunchbase

The location of the meeting remains undisclosed, but the company said that it would be a safe location. The emergency meeting is referred to as Emergency Gold Coin Meeting and is supposed to address a lot of issues affecting the field of investment.

As usual, the meeting will be spearheaded by Philip N. Diehl who is the chief executive officer and president of the company. Some of the issues that are likely to be discussed during the meeting include national debt crisis, unstable world leadership and the effects of the past financial crises.

Cyber-attacks and global terrorism are other issues that are likely to be discussed during the meeting. The company website also revealed that the US Gold Report would be revealed during this meeting.

This is a report that has been prepared by the company to advise American citizens why they should buy gold. Philip Diehl is very experienced having served in the US Mint as a director, and this makes him suitable to discuss the local and international issues affecting the economy.

Talking to the media, Philip Diehl mentioned that very few people know that the price of gold is affected by issues happening every day. This is the reason as to why he wants to ensure people have this information. Consequently, having this information will help these individuals make the right decision about their future and those of their loved ones.

Since the year 2001, US Money Reserve has dedicated its efforts to helping the Americans discover alternative forms of investment. Philip Diehl notes that the value of gold does not deteriorate with time like other investments. Diehl is considered as one of the most established figures in the sale of gold, silver and platinum government issued coins.

This is the reason why he has written articles that have featured in prominent media outlets such as CNN, the Financial Times, CNBC, Forbes and the Washington Post. His opinions on the same issue have also featured on Business Insider and the Wall Street Journal. The company is very active on social media.

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