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Water Sustains Life, and so does Waiakea

Bottled water companies sell water to make a profit, but what about the social angle? What about the ethical angle? What about a global philosophy? Enough can’t be said about the benefits of drinking water to stay healthy; after all, water is life. But what if, in the process of staying hydrated, you could help save a life?

I can tell you about one company that encompasses all the above. Waiakea water has all the above and more. In addition, the brand is environmentally friendly and sells its bottled water in eco-conscious packaging, as well as offering a sustainable product here with unique health benefits such as reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Who wouldn’t want that?

Do you know what makes Waiakea bottled water so special? The fact that sales of this product go to support non-profits like Pump Aid is reason enough for me. However, the water itself is truly remarkable and warrants a lot more discussion. It comes from Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Fresh, clean water is constantly cycling through and as it does, it travels through thousands of feet of volcanic rock, which is highly porous and loaded with tons of helpful minerals, giving the water a unique flavor and texture that leaves you with a special “soft mouth feel.”

With unwavering support from the sales of the unique Hawaiian volcanic water Waiakea and other companies and individuals around the world, Pump Aid can continue its important work and expand it into even more far-flung corners of the world other than Malawi, the only country it is supporting at this time. Pump Aid builds and installs special pumps in remote villages around Malawi allowing locals to have direct, reliable access to clean, safe drinking water.

Given all the good that Pump Aid does around the world, I am more than happy to support Waiakea in its endeavors.

So go ahead buy a bottle, click on their website to donate or even volunteer your time to the cause. After all, their motto is easy to embrace: “Drink healthy, drink sustainably, and drink ethically”.

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