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Eric Lefkofsky Fights Cancer with Numbers

Eric Lefkofsky is not a doctor. He does have a law degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, but he has never practiced law. Instead, he has made millions in the tech world. He graduated from college during the dot-com boom. Using his intelligence, he really cashed it.

He co-founded Groupon, one of the most successful websites in the history of the Internet. He is also a founding member of a venture fund that loves to invest in the most disruptive technologies out there. Disruptive technologies include green energy and more information click here.

So when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, Eric Lefkofsky fought back the only way he knew how. He’s not a doctor so he couldn’t come up with a treatment plan. He’s not a researcher so he couldn’t invent a medicine. Instead, he started a tech company called Tempus.

Tempus aims to compile the largest cancer patient database the world has ever seen. But a database alone will not help doctors and researchers come up with more effective treatments. His company also comes up with proprietary algorithms that can analyze the data for hidden trends or outliers. It is this software assistance that will really help the fight against cancer.

Tempus got an early jump on compiling all this data by innovating a software program that could read handwriting in order to digitalize doctor notes. This allowed the company to include paper documents in its digital database. But the most compelling and useful thing about the database has nothing to do with cancer patient records. Instead, it has everything to do with DNA and molecular biology.

The digital database will include DNA profiles of every cancer patient. It will also include molecular biology information about each cancer. By understanding the disease on a molecular level, doctors and researchers can make precise treatment recommendations. As it turns out, each individual cancer has a different signature due to different DNA and molecular biology and what Eric knows.

This will allow the medical community to come up with incredibly concise treatments and perhaps even cures. Eric Lefkofsky is not a doctor or researcher, but he is helping the fight against cancer in a big way.

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