Dick DeVos Donates Funds for Kennedy Arts Center

Billionaire business tycoon Dick DeVos has recently raised millions of dollars for the Kennedy Center for the Arts. With this fundraising, this arts institution will now have the funding it needs to pursue its goals of expanding events and improving its management. Since the event needs a considerable amount of funding for its events, receiving money from fundraising events allows it to function at its best. Fortunately for the Kennedy Center for the Arts, it has a dependable donor in Dick DeVos. Over the years, the arts institute has been able to receive lots of money from Mr. DeVos. With his help, the Kennedy Center for the Arts has the resources it needs in order to provide lots of exciting and enlightening events for both tourists and local residents.


Dick DeVos is a billionaire business leader who has many years of experience managing large well known organizations. He is the former chief executive officer of the direct selling company known as Amway. Under his leadership, Amway consistently made high revenues. It also expanded to many other countries throughout the world. What has made Amway the premier direct selling company in the world is a combination of its products as well as its business opportunity. The company under DeVos has offered a number of in demand products such as skincare, food and groceries, and office supplies. As well as being the CEO of Amway, DeVos has also served as an executive in the company’s marketing department as well. Dick has also spent a number of years overseeing a professional sports team. During the early 1990’s decade, DeVos managed the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association. While he was managing the business aspects of the team, he helped propel the organization into being one of the league’s best during the decade.


Along with being the CEO of Amway, Dick has also been involved in a number of charitable activities. On a yearly basis, he provides funds for various causes such as business development, education and the arts. The annual donations to the Kennedy Center for the Arts is one of the most well known charitable activities he participates in. He also donates a lot of his money to the development of businesses by helping them get the money they need to start up and expand. Along with business development, DeVos also provides funding for education. Each year he provides money to help business students fund their education. This allows them to get scholarships for attending and completing business school to receive a MBA degree.


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