The Prostate Cancer Support Group by Dr. David Samadi

     Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic surgery, a urologic oncologist and a prominent prostate cancer surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital. Lately, he proudly announced his interest to start a prostate cancer support group. The group will be based at Lenox Hill Hospital and yet to begin this September. The main aim of the support group is to assist and enlighten individuals about prostate cancer. Additionally, he seeks to reassure the patients, survivors and their families.

On one instance, Dr. Samadi mentioned that as a patient facing a major illness or hectic phase in life, they don’t want to face the hitches alone. At that point in life is when an individual needs a strong support system to help them go through such phases. He further mentions that the support group can help men meet and share their experiences with prostate cancer. With that, people can realize they are not isolated, and other men have gone through the same. Additionally, he states that the group is meant to help individuals to open up with confidence knowing that what they share remains confidential.

One principal objective of the group is to spread awareness on the importance of getting an annual prostate screen. Screening helps to diagnose and curb the disease in the early stages for effective treatment. More to this, the support group aims to assist new patients to understand prostate cancer and learn the available treatment options. Also, the group seeks to reassure the survivors and their caregivers. With an emphasis on prostate cancer awareness, the team will assist men to learn the various effects the disease has on their health and the general life.

The renowned doctor insists that he aims to make the group feel comfortable for the patients, survivors and their families. Also, he mentions that anyone with interest in the goals of the group will be open to attend the sessions and reach out to the affected individuals. The newly diagnosed men will receive affirmation and learn from those that suffered in the past. By holding regular meetings, the group will focus on encouraging affected individual throughout their journey to recovery.


Education and Work Experience

Dr. David Samadi attained his degree in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University and later earned his master’s degree in New York from Stony Brook School of Medicine, New York. On completion, he advanced to Urology at Montefiore Medical Center together with Proctology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

He currently works at Lenox Hill Hospital as the chief of Robotic surgery after practicing in Columbia Presbyterian hospital where he was the Vice Chair of the Urology Department. He is a certified Urologist specializing in diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

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