Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Takes the World by Storm Using Reverse Showroom Strategy

Fabletics has managed to do something very few other clothing retailers have. The Kate Hudson brand has become stiff competition for leaders in the industry. How they did it? By ousting the old for a new concept in marketing and selling fitness apparel. The reverse showroom technique is one that’s familiar for a few retailers that aim to combine bargain with high quality and ever changing trends. Fabletics is doing the same with athletic wear, and they’re doing it even better.


Other companies, like shoe website have used similar models. It’s a subscription service that maintains returning clients through memberships and gives them personalized attention through custom styling. The reverse showroom model is working for Fabletics, who has conquered the challenge of going up against leading clothing retailers like Amazon. The concept is a little more detailed than the fruit of the month club.


The reverse showroom strategy is like having a personal stylist for every shopping experience. Fabletics gathers information from customers by asking questions to get an idea of the perfect style for each customer. The Lifestyle Quiz collects data about each customer’s preference of workouts, and asks them to select their favorite out of several groups of fitness apparel.

Based on the survey, clients receive curated outfits to choose from. Each month, returning customers receive different collections of workout clothing based on their personalized style. They can select from arrangements that are usually 2-3 pieces, priced at $49- $59. With Fabletics’ model, members aren’t obligated to buy and won’t be charged to skip a month.


The quality of their products seems to be one of the biggest pros about the company besides the convenience. Though Fabletics is considered a moderately high end brand, reviewers have rated the quality of their workout gear as comparable to even more expensive brands. Reviews also raved about how easy it is to navigate through the eye-catching website and place orders.


Expedited shopping is a breeze that makes it hard to notice the items were ordered online versus picked up in the store. Guests can even find the best size by reading advice from clients who have made purchases. The Fit Surveys give insight into how well the items worked for customers who also provide their height and weight.


It doesn’t stop online though. Customers can get up close and personal with their items outside the virtual world in any Fabletics brick-and-mortar store. The company continues expanding across the globe to give more options to their members. Though there will always be a need for brand marketing in business, Fabletics has shifted their focus to providing customized solutions for customers on a regular basis.


Membership connects preferences in stores and online. That way customers can find the stores stocked with items they’ve indicated they like based on surveys and online data. It’s also convenient to try on items in the store and have them added to the shopping cart on Fabletics’ website. If the customer doesn’t complete the purchase while in the store, they’ll still be able to buy from home.

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