Kevin Seawright’s Certification And Accomplishments In Executive Leadership

Kevin Seawright appropriately earned the Certification in Executive Leadership from the Mendoza Business School at Notre Dame University not long ago, but he hasn’t needed a degree to prove he has that kind of leadership.

He’s been a longtime public accountant who has gone beyond just keeping the books to showing both public and private entities how they can use their funds to invest in profitable infrastructure.

Seawright founded RPS Solutions, Inc. last year, a company that works with financial institutions, development contractors and investors to build better neighborhoods and communities across Baltimore, and to help first-time home buyers find reasonable deals. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: and

RPS Solutions has started making considerable progress across the city taking abandoned buildings at Belvedere Square and turning them into new units.

Before Kevin Seawright got his executive leadership certification, he completed his degree and certification in public accounting. He originally worked in the Baltimore municipal accounting department with one of his first accomplishments being the restructuring of the city’s parks and recreation area to eliminating a deficit and bringing in a surplus.

He also managed the funds for Baltimore’s public schools and soon had better facilities management and better transportation systems put in place. But it was CitiStat that he brought to the Baltimore mayoral office that helped the city understand where they were doing well and where they needed to bring in overhauls.

Crunchbase revealed that Kevin Seawright also served as the Chief Financial Officer for Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. for several years where he helped that company land numerous construction jobs. By the time he had finished there, his resume had become so polished that the executives on the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation asked him to join them.

Kevin Seawright worked with many famous contractors during the couple years at the CEDC and even saw the start of Rutgers University’s satellite campus housing project.

Seawright decided to leave the CEDC because he felt it was time to return home to Baltimore. He’s not only put a lot of time into housing development but also a lot of time into coaching and mentoring young people. Seawright is also the father of a young girl named Tia.

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