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Daniel Taub is a well known Diplomat. In addition, Daniel Taub is an International Lawyer as well as accomplished writer. Taub is of British decent and he once served as Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub is currently the Director of Planning Services at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation which is located in Jerusalem.

Daniel Taub has some impressive education credentials. He attended the prestigious Harvard as well as Oxford University. Taub made the decision to relocate to Israel in the late 1980’s. Shortly after relocating to Israel Taub became involved with the Israeli Defense Forces. Daniel Taub also joined the Israeli Armed Forces for a short time. Read more: Daniel Taub | About

Mr. Taub is considered an expert within the field of International Law. Taub is well educated with laws pertaining to counter-terrorism as well as laws pertaining to foreign affairs. In addition, Daniel Taub was involved with negotiating peace agreements between Palestine and Israel.

Six years ago Taub was appointed Ambassador to the Court of Saint James. In addition, Taub was involved with negotiating important business and trade agreements. In 2011, Taub was honored to receive the “Grassroots Diplomat Award” for for his contribution to the business and trade industry.

*Other interests & ambitions:

Daniel Taub expressed his interest in inter-faith activity. Therefore, Taub elected to teach Hebrew as well as Bible studies while he was in England. Daniel Taub remains closely connected to the Jewish community. Daniel Taub’s close ties to the Jewish community is due in part to Taub’s Jewish ancestry.

Daniel Taub is a well known public speaker. He has been featured numerous times on CNN as well as the Bloomberg Business Network. Taub is a frequent guest on BBC Radio. Daniel Taub is said to be likable person with a fine sense of humor.

Daniel Taub has also returned to both Harvard and Oxford during graduation commencement to address the students as they begin their jouney into the real world. Taub has been said to give graduating students great inspiration and drive.

Daniel Taub without question has had a successful career. He does have plans to write and publish books concerning his public life and lessons learned along the way.

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