Jim Larkin- A man of Zeal and Vigor

James Larkin was an activist and Irish labor organizer who found the general workers union and the Irish transport. Born in Liverpool in 1876 January 21st Jim grew up in Liverpool slums where he had very little education and to supplement his meager family income; he opted to work various odd jobs. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Through years of working on youth jobs, he became Liverpool docks foreman. He later became one of the most committed socialists who had a firm belief that laborers were poorly treated. Larkin opted to join the Docks Laborers National Union, and in 1905 he became one of the organizers and took a permanent trade union position.

James Larkin used his militant strike method that made the union get alarmed and made him get transferred to Dublin in the year 1907. It was during his time in Dublin that he formed the General Works union and Irish Transport. The main aim of Larkin creating the organization was to bring the combination of unskilled and skilled Irish industrial workers into one big team.

Years later, Larkin founded the Irish Labour Union Party that led numerous series of strikes and the most significant one was in 1913. More than 100,000 Dublin dock workers went on strike for at least eight months and after the strikers eventually received fair employment opportunity.

Through the 1ST World War in Dublin, Jim Larkin decided to form the most massive anti-war demonstrations ever in the world. Larkin decided to fight the British, and the traveled to the United States to raise funds.

Jim Larkin was convicted of socialism and criminal chaos in 1920 and later pardoned after spending three years in prison. After the pardon, Jim was brought back to Ireland. In 1924, Larkin organized the formation of Workers Union of Ireland which later received recognition from the communist international.

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