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The Successful Racing Career And Family Of Rodrigo Terpins

One of Rodrigo Terpins biggest passions in life is sports. He has become an exceptional rally driver, and has triumphed in numerous racing championships over his competition. His accomplishments are a result of his big dreams, skill and hard work. His entire family consists of big achievers. When Rodrigo Terpins was still very young, he saw his father, Jack Terpins, achieve success playing basketball, and become a highly respected leader in the field of sports. Jack Terpins community leadership excelled, and he served both the Latin American Jewish Council, and the Macabi Latin American Confederation as their President.

The success of Rodrigo Terpins was fueled by the success of his father. Jack Terpins served as a role model for his son, a critical aspect of his success. Rodrigo Terpins abilities have made him one of Brazil’s most recognized rally drivers in the off-road championships. His brother Michel Terpins is just as talented, and they both race with the Sertoes Rally Team the Tea Bull.

The two brothers just recently finished the Sertoes Rally Championships 22nd competition. The went through seven courses, two states, and drove 2,600 km. The brothers took third place in the race, and against 38 competitors they were ranked in 8th position. Rodrigo Terpins has loved the T1 prototype category ever since he became a part of the world of racing.

Both Rodrigo and Michel Terpins followed their father’s impressive footsteps. Their progress in the sports world has been major. Rodrigo Terpins is quite satisfied with where his career currently stands. His greater concern is finding the right balance between his professional and family commitments. Rodrigo Terpins was not one of the competitors in the recently concluded off-road championships for the Rally Cuesta, although his brother Michel joined up with Beco Andreotti, a fellow racer. Rodrigo Terpins has made a vow not to miss the upcoming Cuesta Off-road rally, and has already started his preparations.

Rodrigo Terpins discovered his love of sports by observing his father throughout his childhood. Racing with his brother Michel Terpins has been an inspiration for Rodrigo Terpins, and one of the keys to his success. You can visit his Facebook page.

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    Passion is something that has the potency of driving anybody to achieving their individual goals and I believe it might be the reason why Mr Rodrigo is very successful. The reason discovered his love for the sport of racing might be the key to his success in the sport and that is seen with the number of rallies that he has been able to win so far.

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