The Work Experience Ronald Fowlkes Has Prepared Him for Sales

Starting out, Ronald Fowlkes was a member of the military. He served with them for four years. He was in the Marines and was part of the Gulf War. When he was serving, he learned about the things he wanted to do in life and with his career. These things are what led him to eventually pursuing a law enforcement career. The time he spent in the military prepared him for what the career would be like and gave him a chance to learn more about what he was going to do as he got more experience and learned the right way to try different things with law enforcement. Ronald Fowlkes tried to always make sure he was offering the best opportunities to those who were around him and he knew his law enforcement career would be a great example of what he could do with that.


After he left the military, he promptly started a career in law enforcement. Ronald Fowlkes served as a police officer for St. Louis. In that time, he learned about what it would take to be a police officer and what he would need to do if he continued to be a police officer. He wanted to work his way through the ranks and wanted to have the opportunity to make the most out of the career he had planned for himself. It was his way of setting himself up for success in the future. He had planned for a long time to make sure he was doing things the right way.


After he was promoted in the law enforcement agency he was a part of, he learned what it would take to lead others. He had been working on these skills for his entire career but knew now was the time to hone in on them and make sure he was using them to help other people. Ronald Fowlkes always kept his background and his experience in mind. He wanted to continue being a law enforcement professional while he was also helping others with the career they had planned on having.


Even though there were several steps he took to get to the point where he is currently at, Ronald Fowlkes is satisfied with his career in sales. He is not just a salesperson but is, instead, a salesperson for people who are in law enforcement. He knows what it takes to provide the right type of law enforcement sales opportunities to those who are in need. He also knows what it takes to find and produce all the tools the professionals will be using in the future. He has set himself up for success while also making things easier on those who are still in the law enforcement field.


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