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USHEALTH Group Family Insurance Coverage

Uncertainty is inevitable. Catastrophes hit the world almost every day, and people experience either financial losses or even body injuries. Others end up dead. USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that aims at providing very affordable and flexible insurance solutions to all residents of the USA, who are in small businesses or have low income. The company has dedicated its resources to come up with creative, yet practical solutions for small entrepreneurs.

The company prides in the wealth of experience it has gathered over the 50 years that it has been providing health insurance services to the residents of Dallas, Texas and the country at large. Over the years, USHEALTH has served about 15 million people. The insurance agents that the company uses are very aware that every client is different, and so they handle every case independently. USHEALTH prides itself in Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). A mantra that they not only talk of but live by it as they serve every client. Some of the medical coverages offered to America’s small business owners by the company include: Learn more about  USHealth Group at Crunchbase

Accident Protector

With this policy, all the extra expenses that you may incur from an accident will be paid by USHEALTH Group. The coverage takes care of the medical bills associated with emergency air ambulance. You can ask for the ambulance as long as you need it. The cost covered by USHEALTH for emergency air ambulance is not more than $40,000.

Secure Dental Coverage

While your general health insurance may not cover all the dental and orthodontic expenses, the USHEALTH group provides three distinct plans for dental care. With one of the packages, your family will afford a genuinely beautiful smile without a hassle. The first plan is premium, which covers your dental needs for a lifetime. The other two plans are the saver plus plan and saver plan. Saver plans are relatively cheaper, but cover your yearly dental expenses.

MedGuard Coverage/Product

This is a 5-year renewable term life insurance policy that will cover all your medical expenses if you are diagnosed with a critical disease like cancer or a heart attack among other. With MedGuard, you will still enjoy the benefits. Today, everybody is exposed to the risks that bring terminal diseases. If you have a family or property that you would like to protect, MedGuard will save you the losses and secure a brighter future for your family.

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Premier Vision

USHEALTH Group, through the premier vision produce, ensures every client will get their eyeglasses checked once in a year and a change of contact lenses once per year too. The cost of buying new spectacles is very cheap under this policy. USHEALTH works with over 71,400 eye specialists to ensure all clients get the right lenses and their desired frames.

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