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The World of Robotics Medicine and Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi who works at a New York hospital as the Chief of Robotics has begun to be known as a surgeon of great innovations. Considering how easy it is for him to say that he participates in this. It is fast becoming an understatement of him. Dr. David Samadi is making strides in a direction where other surgeons might well be afraid to go. Growing up in Persia, he knew that he had a path to pursue. Losing their homeland was just part of his story. He also had a love for innovation in medicine. That is all it took to get him well on his way in life.

He graduated from Stony Brook School of Medicine and then completed his post-graduate medical training at Montefiore Medical Center, then at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He became an amazing prostate surgeon who saved over 6,000 patients to date. The most amazing part of what he does is the advanced methodology of using robotics in his surgeries. Named the SMART Method, it is the key to his success. Thanks to his work as a robotic’s specialized doctor, 90% of his cancer patient has survived. He is so renowned, that he has taken to speaking publicly about his surgeries on the radio and talk shows. He has even worked on a house call type talk show giving out advice to callers with health issues.

His greatest gift isn’t just his talents as a doctor. He also is known to treat his patients like a family. The obvious caring nature in is his bedside charm for his popularity as a doctor. He is very talented and loving as well. That makes a doctor amazing, but the talents in robotic techniques make him more like an artist.

As a family man as well, he is happiest working each day to come home to them. He and his wife have two children, who are the heart of their lives. Those lives will be lived out in their homeland once again. Their return and their father’s brilliance on the political stage have made their future one for a legacy.When asked how he has made it so far with such success he credits his dedication to precision and of course, his love for others. It all begins at home. His dedication there is really what makes Dr. David Samadi who he is today.

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