Video Visitation

Securus Technologies Leading the Corrections Space Singlehandedly

For years, if there is one company that has made a massive difference in the correctional field, it is none other than Securus Technologies. Many companies came and went away, but Securus Technologies has been leading from the very beginning and continued to lead the corrections space.


Moreover, Securus Technologies has also brought innovation to the table by introducing some cutting edge technologies and breakthrough products, including the video visitation facility that has become hugely famous among the inmates. The inmates are always dying to see their loved ones, and what better way than giving them an opportunity to talk to their loved ones along with video interface through which they can see them as well. It would also help the friends and family of the inmates who would not have to travel all the way to the prison every few weeks and can merely conduct video chat online.


Securus Technologies understand the pain of the inmates and have designed their products and services accordingly. Along with the inmate communication services, Securus Technologies is also known for the full range of investigative services it has been developing and providing to more than 3,450 correctional facilities. The law enforcement officers who have been using the investigative solutions provided by Securus Technologies say that these services are futuristic and are designed to give the law enforcement agencies an advantage over the criminals. In many incidents, it has helped in catching the offenders red-handed as well as gathering evidence necessary for conviction.


Securus Technologies also provides monitoring and surveillance products and services that are used by the law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement officers cannot stop praising the services of Securus Technologies, and many have even written letters of appreciations to the company. Comments from such notes were recently posted online by the company in a press release to show to the world the contribution Securus Tech is making in the corrections space.



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