Dr. Saad Saad

Saad Saad was born and raised in Kuwait. He attended Cairo University in Egypt where he earned his medical degree with honors more than 47 years ago. He immigrated to the United States after completing his internship program in England. Dr. Saad comes from a family of eight children. He has been married for 42 years and blessed with four children. Two of his children are surgeons; one is a lawyer and an ICU nurse. Saad Saad has two patents together with several other pediatric surgical procedures.


Dr. Saad has performed numerous complex pediatric surgeries from infants to young adults. Besides, he has also been to Jerusalem eight times for medical missions to carry out complex surgeries on poor kids. Before retiring, Saad was the surgeon-in-chief and Co-medical Director at Khovnanian Children Children Hospital.


When did you realize you were meant to be a doctor?


When I was in high school I thought I could be an engineer just like my two older brothers. Kuwait, as you know, is very hot and I used to wonder how my brothers worked outdoor comfortably with such a hot weather. I, therefore, decided that I would choose a profession where I would be working indoors and that’s how I ended up being a doctor.


Who mentored you and what are some of the valuable lessons you learned?


Dr. H B. Othersen one of the greatest pediatric surgeons in the U.S was the one who trained me. The best lesson I got from him was, to be honest, kind, hardworking and handle all children equally despite their religion, the color of their skin or financial ability.


How do you generate new ideas?


Research is very important not only in the medical profession but others as well.


What habit increases your productivity?


I am always organized. Being organized helps me not to procrastinate and makes me accomplish all that I plan for each day.


What techniques help you concentrate while performing an operation?


I avoid personal talk, no loud music, a good night rest and proper breakfast before an operation.


What is one thing that you believe in but the rest of people disagree?


I believe that it’s only God knows our fate


How did you perform in the medical school?


I performed very well in Medical School. I graduated with honors as the salutatorian.


If given a chance to address the world, what advice would you give?


I would advise anyone to work hard and they will achieve whatever they want in life because if a poor Palestinian refugee could make it then anyone else can.


Is there any book that you can recommend people to read?


I would recommend any book about President Abraham Lincoln who freed slaves and emphasized that all human beings were equal before God. Learn more:            https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad


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