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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And Bradesco New Management And Leadership Changes

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Successor To Carnival

One of the latest and relevant news you need to learn about Mr. Cappi right now is about his successor. You see, Bradesco, the largest bank in Brazil, is undergoing a lot of changes today, and one of those would be the one that’s related to who is going to succeed the management after Luis Trabuco Cappi is no longer the head of the bank. It is said that the new administration will be announced right before Carnival, which is a prominent event in Brazil. Right now the most prominent candidate that will follow the position would be the current vice president Mauricio Minas, who is the man responsible for most of the technical developments in the bank. Some of the leaders that the bank is eyeing on to follow the footsteps of Mr. Cappi are Alexander Gluher, Josue Pancini, and Marcelo Noronha.

Age Limit

It should be of relevant information to many, too, that the departure of Luiz Trabuco was a bit delayed because of the change of policies regarding the resignation of upper management, resulting to the age limit moved a little bit higher into the range according to It’s also unfortunate that the candidate highly expected to be the next successor of Luiz Cappi had been in the tragic airplane accident. There’s also high anticipation right now of who the next president would be, especially after the confirmation of the resignation of Lazaro Brandao.

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About Luiz Carlos Trabuco

It’s safe to say that the success of Luiz Trabuco Cappi has risen because of his management style, reputation, and successes that he had since he became the president of Bradesco. Ever since March of 2009, Mr. Cappi has proven himself to be newsworthy because of how he’s been showing the acumen and skills to manage an international bank as large as Bradesco, let alone the biggest bank in Brazil.

Being the Executive Vice President of Bradesco, which was his position before he had this current one, was also an excellent training ground for him for the responsibilities that were about to come. He also became the company’s Managing Director, specifically the Bradesco Previdencia e Seguros SA branch. There is also so much passion in Mr. Cappi to work for Bradesco that he was even chosen as the company’s Departmental Director from 1984 to 1992. With such a role, he’s able to offer all his skills, talents and experience to make sure that the bank can get ahead of the market and can offer the best services to its clients.

The loyalty of Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is also tested over the year. He’s been involved with the operations of Bradesco ever since 1969. Since then, a lot of the market and bank has changed. A lot of the things that didn’t prove to be problematic are now big challenges to the bank. Indeed, Mr. Cappi’s skills and experience to weather all these challenges have been put to real-world practice.

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