One Key to Scott Rockledge’s Success is Measured Risk-Taking

One key to the success of inventor and pioneer Scott Rockledge the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures is a measured risk-taking. Dr. Scott Rockledge’s educational background consists of a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California Berkeley and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

As a renowned scientist, Dr. Rockledge categorizes his business as a life science-based venture capital firm. Venture capitalists in the financial arena are profitable when they are known to have the ability to take a very well-thought-out calculated risk to generate profits on startup businesses and other investment opportunities.

Scott Rockledge demonstrates the same pattern and thinking in scope and approach to the research and development of new creative medical inventions and technologies to eradicate some of the most devastating diseases in society. Read more:

In order to make large investments in research and development without the concrete definition of what the outcome will bring as far as a cure, medical research developers have to have a well planned out and thought-out process of evaluating the cost benefits of investing millions of dollars into the research and development for cures. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

As a result of measured risk-taking, Dr. Rockledge has been the inventor or co-inventor of 3 mainstream Pharmaceuticals that have progressed through medical trials into FDA approvals.

The 3 new drug applications are Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin that are providing the necessary medical treatment and assisting society in the eradication and medication of various medical conditions. In order to continue leading the medical industry as an innovator and trailblazer in the medical industry through research and development is pushing the level to higher realms for future advancements.

Scott Rockledge is a leader and pioneer in the medical research industry. One of his philosophies of business is staying true to what your business knows how to do well and not stray too far from it and in this way, Dr. Rockledge has established himself as successful inventor and pioneer with the courage and conviction to take measured and calculated risk.

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  • Melody Killian

    I have read a lot about Scott Rockledge and I have also learnt a lot from his works though some of his methods are not always ideal he seems to be getting results. The nature of things with makes him a perfect entrepreneur. The concept of risk taken is something that is always attributed to entrepreneurs but him on the other side advocates for measured risks to be taken.

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