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Between WCS and Officer Johnson, Securus is Gathering the Troops to Fight Contraband Cell Phones

The name Securus Technologies is synonymous with criminal and civil justice technology products. Emergency response, biometric analysis, monitoring, medical care, inmate self-service, and government payment processing are a small sample of several tech solutions we offer. Government offices, investigators, correctional facilities, and law enforcement rave about our products, so we continue to add to the lineup. Inspired by recent events, Securus created a new weapon to combat increasing contraband cell phone entry.


As many heard, a Facebook Live video surfaced showing Jose Ariel Rivera flashing a knife, holding said knife to an inmate’s neck, and walking the hallway. A contraband cell phone documented the entire incident and uploaded to Rivera’s Facebook page so his “baby momma” can view it. Prior to Rivera, several inmates filmed prison videos and uploaded it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Because of this, Securus is answering the call with wireless containment solutions. Wireless containment solutions don’t stop contraband cell phones from entering the facility. It stops cell phones from connecting to wireless carrier towers and internet service. Emergency calls like 911 and non-emergency calls like 311/411/811 will go through. Facility-approved phone numbers will connect. Numbers not associated with the government or correctional facility will disconnect.


Securus contacted Captain Robert Johnson about the efforts he made to stop contraband cell phones, and he shared his story with us. Johnson said he stopped $50,000 worth of contraband cell phones from entering the facility. A criminal who used a contraband cell phone already circulating the prison instructed a hitman to kill the officer. The hitman, Sean Echols, kicked the door in, fought Johnson, and shot him six times. He also talked to us about his experience dealing with a violent murder involving nine-month-old Kendarius Edwards Jr. An inmate used a contraband cell phone to kill the child because the child’s uncle made the inmate mad. Securus loved Johnson’s determination to fight contraband cell phone access, and we asked him to join our team as a consultant in Florida, which he accepted.


With over 1.7 million calls blocked from contraband cell phones, it is proof wireless containment solutions are effective. However, reducing or eliminating contraband cell phone use is just the beginning. With Johnson’s eyes and our products, we plan to make correctional facilities safe for inmates and personnel. In fact, Securus will not stop fighting until the outside world is safe and the inmates are under control.


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