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What David McDonald, President of OSI Group, Has Accomplished Through His Leadership

David McDonald grew up in a farming area in Iowa. The man who now holds the role of President at OSI Group developed his fascination with agriculture when he was just a young boy. After spending so many years on the farm, he learned what needed to be improved within the agricultural field. After graduating from high school, David went on to study animal science at Iowa State University.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Mr. McDonald later joined the team at OSI Industries, which operates out of Chicago, in the year 1991. Impressively, David was able to move through the organization’s ranks throughout the years, and he is now the company’s Chief Operations Officer and President. In honor of his strong leadership and many achievements withing the company, Mr. McDonald received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. He is now one of the field’s most notable authorities.

With regards to value-added proteins, OSI Group is the largest supplier on Earth. OSI has more than four dozen facilities throughout the world, eight of which are located in China. One of the company’s main goals is to turn OSI Group into the leading poultry products producer in China. To aid in this goal, OSI Group teamed up with DOYOO Group a few years ago and created a huge processing plant in the province of Henan.

Additionally, OSI Group managed to expand its beef-processing factory in Poland by a factor of 30% in 2012. The company also built a new facility in India for processing frozen foods, in addition to a few other projects in Hungary and Geneva, and what David knows.

In 2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Food. This move was part of the company’s plan to grow its market in European countries. David McDonald was greatly pleased with the acquisition of Baho Food, praising it as a strong investment that would compliment and increase the demand of the company’s existing products. David McDonald has done an excellent job of helping the company keep pace with global trends. He accomplished this by perfectly coordinating OSI Group’s local operations and its global logistic teams, and read full article.

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