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Safer Procedures And Implants Are Dr. Mark Mofid’s Primary Concern In Plastic Surgery

When it comes to the field of plastic surgery, California is the go-to spot for high profile surgeons. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the biggest names in the industry today and he currently owns and runs his own practice in California. He accepts any and all clients within the La Jolla and San Diego areas. Pretty much any form of plastic surgery can be done at Mark’s company, including breast augmentations, glute augmentations, face augmentations, liposuction, and more. Dr. Mark Mofid holds various different certifications from boards like the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and has a well-documented background in academics with degrees from the likes of Harvard and John Hopkins.

Currently, Dr. Mark Mofid is focused on buttock augmentations, which are becoming increasingly popular due to many women wanting to improve their shape and the ratio of their bodies. In Brazil, gluteal augmentations are all the rage and are basically sweeping over all of South America. This is what Mark Mofid is using to fuel his research and practice these days for his own gluteal augmentations. As methods become more advanced and safer for patients, more people are becoming open to the idea of getting plastic surgery done. Thankfully, Dr. Mark Mofid has been continuously working to improve the field and has even developed better implants to are better accepted by the body. The best part is the natural looking results offered by higher quality materials.

On top of his current work as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid works all across the San Diego as a staff surgeon because of his excellent results when performing surgery. Palomar and Scripps Memorial are just a couple of the hospitals that employ Mark. Mark believes that the more he can spread his inlfuence, the better he can impact the medical field as a whole, which is why he regularly informs his colleagues of his methods and practices. Opening up the industry isn’t about just being successful himself, but ensuring the plastic surgery industry as a whole.

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