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Grow Your Practice with MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental assists dentists with forming their practice into an established business. They allow dentists to have input when it comes to arranging their office, accepting insurance and the overall organization of their business. They offer a friendly environment and are supportive in their efforts to help with business growth. They have experts that can provide you with excellent advice and get your practice started on the right track. They can help you with all aspects of business management and help you build strategies for your practice.

Additionally, MB2 Dental will help you with encouraging employee growth and development. They can create health initiatives and assist you with payroll, talent acquisition and benefits. They can assist with compensation, implementing diversity and compliance as well. They guide you through initiating compliance regulations, labor relations, security and technology. They can help build your human resources department, manage your employees and maintain talent. They can guide you through developing an accounting and financial services division. They can provide you with fiscal management and coordinate your administrative and financial records. They have a certified accountant that is available upon request and experienced with filing tax returns and reports.

MB2 Dental can ensure that you maintain your credentials and ensure that you follow the procedures that are required to remain an authority in the dental industry. They make sure that you are affiliated with the appropriate providers’ insurance companies so that you can accept third-party reimbursements. They will confirm that you follow all of the regulations and guidelines required to keep your credentials. They assist with dental practice and compliance services. They help you create an office program that combines internal monitoring and monthly audits of official documentation.

They provide dental practice support services and assist you with data management, maintenance plans, software downloads, hardware installations and upgrades. They help with the computer back up systems, disaster recovery, business network solutions, remote and on-site computer support. They also support you with surveillance installation, network solutions, virtual and cloud network solutions. They assist you with billing and collection services and send payment requests to insurance companies. They follow federal, state and local government regulations and will contact third-party payers on your behalf to receive payment.

Furthermore, MB2 Dental help with marketing strategies, recruitment and procurement management. They are well equipped to guide your practice through its beginning stages and can offer continued support over many years.


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