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The Exceptional Entrepreneurial Doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna studied at Tulane Medical School and while in school after reexamining his course, he concluded that he could not make a lot of money only as a doctor. After graduating in 1999, in addition to his medicine, he established a real estate business in New Orleans. In 2005, after the Hurricane Katrina incidence, Mark lost millions within no time, he then rebuilt the company and later he dissolved it. He then moved to Atlanta and opened his new company, ShapeMed, a chain of offices that offered cosmetic treatments to people including laser hair removal, nutrition and weight counseling, and Botox injections.

In 2015, Dr. Mark McKenna sold ShapeMed to a publicly traded gym chain called Lifetime Fitness, he joined the staff of the big box gym chain, but he quit after a year when private equity bought it. Currently, Mark McKenna is working on his new entrepreneurial business referred to as OVME which is about to start its full operations. McKenna’s vision is to make OVME a national chain of cosmetic medical branches with an app which will work like an Uber for Botox patients. Clients will be able to connect with freelance practitioners who will make house calls whenever a demand arises. Dr. Mark McKenna is interested in medicine, and he is focused on his business and improving his entrepreneurial skills.

Residents of Buckhead, Atlanta, were happy to start this year with OVME in their area which was bringing them a new medical aesthetic experience. OVME will provide minimally invasive procedures which are designed to help Atlanta people to feel good about how they look which will improve their self-confidence. OVME is made up of a spacious consultation room, four private rooms, and luxury treatment rooms. According to Dr. Mark McKenna, OVME is a company that will help many people as it brings together medical aesthetics and high technical knowledge.

In a recent press release announcing for the grand opening of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna said that the staff believes that the needs of any medical aesthetic customer have evolved beyond the industry landscape. Therefore OVME is bringing to the market updated procedures which will work for all consumers. Dr. Mark McKenna hopes to change the lives of Atlanta residents through OVME through its products, service, and technology.

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