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With Reserve, Jeunesse Global captures benefits of wine without risks

For more than 50 years, it has been known to the medical establishment that wine consumption, particularly in moderation, is associated with many positive health outcomes. As more analysis was done on the so-called Mediterranean diet, a basket of food and drinks that typify the diets throughout certain Mediterranean regions and is associated with a sharply higher life expectancy, it started to emerge that one of the most potent elements in that diet was the wine itself that people were consuming as part of it.

This eventually led to research that directly and incontrovertibly showed that moderate wine consumption is indeed associated with strong protective effects against certain diseases. Some of the deadliest diseases known, such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, are now known to be strongly inversely correlated with moderate wine consumption. All told, people who are able to consume wine in moderation can reduce risk factors that roughly correspond to a five-year increase in total life expectancy. There are few or no other known foods that, by their mere consumption, can reliably increase a person’s life by five years. In this regard, wine is truly sui generis.

Despite these incredible findings, the major medical bodies throughout the United States and the world generally do not recommend that people who do not currently consume wine begin doing so. With such enormous benefits to be had, it can seem like a strange contradiction that the medical establishment would not readily embrace its consumption for all people. However, it turns out that there is a serious problem with beginning the consumption of wine for people who have previously never consumed it regularly. Of those who begin consuming alcohol, approximately 10 percent will go on to develop alcoholism to some degree. At the population level, the risks associated with even this small number of total wine consumers are so devastating that the chance of these people developing alcoholism actually cancels out the salutary benefits of wine consumption completely at the population level.

Now, Jeunesse Global, the leading innovator in global health and beauty products, has developed a solution that may prove to be the holy grail of safe wine consumption. Reserve allows the same health-protecting benefits of wine but without the severe risks of alcohol.

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