Drew Madden takes healthcare IT in a new direction

Drew Madden has become one of the leading figures in the healthcare IT space since rising to prominence as the CEO of Nordic Consulting Partners, one of the largest healthcare IT consultancies in the world today. Madden has spent virtually his entire career in the healthcare industry, working at both the Cerner Corporation and Epic Systems, the two dominant providers of healthcare software and technology platforms in the United States.

This deep well of experience has given Madden an inside knowledge of the systems that drive today’s healthcare system that few others possess. After stints at the aforementioned companies, Madden was hired by Nordic Consulting Partners as a junior consultant. At that time, Nordic was a tiny boutique consultancy with a few dedicated clients. Madden quickly proved himself with the firm, rising through the ranks and picking up concrete ideas about how to best approach the complex challenges posed by the interface between healthcare professionals and the software they rely on.

In 2011, Drew Madden was tapped to become the CEO of the firm. He quickly took an aggressive stance, growing the company at a rate that it had never experienced. By 2017, Nordic counted more than 750 full-time consultants among its ranks and served over 150 of the largest hospital networks in the United States. Still, despite this towering success, Madden began having serious doubts about the way that the company that he had helped build approached the problems that it sought to solve. In 2017, Madden decided to take the plunge and found his own healthcare IT consulting firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Madden explains that the reason for striking out on his own was to build a corporate culture from the ground up. Every other consulting firm focused on the technology itself. But Madden wanted to create a company that focused first on the people who used the technology and the patients that they serve. Madden says that all of the 26 consultants that currently work for Evergreen are world-class technology experts. But he hand-selected them, first and foremost, for their abilities to communicate with people and act as positive mentors.

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