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Paul Herdsman’s Formula For Balance

Paul Herdsman is an alumnus of Florida Atlantic University. He has used the knowledge that he used while working and in college to help start NICE Global. NICE Global was launched in 2014. Paul Herdsman is the Co founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. The company is based out of Jamaica. Paul herdsman chose Jamaica to be the home of NICE Global a nearshore business because he was born in the country.


When he decided to start the company, he was afraid because he had no knowledge of the industry in Jamaica. He knew about life in the country, but he knew nothing about business there. Paul Herdsman has accumulated so much success with NICE Global that he can work from another country.


The need for NICE Global was born out of the hassle that came along with trying to manage outsourcers from countries that were far apart and nowhere near easy to maintain because of the distance that was between the locations. Some of the sites included the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Philippines, India, and the United States. Paul Herdsman realized that managing all of the outsourcers was not beneficial. When Herdsman and his business partner decided to start NICE Global, they knew that it would be more profitable than trying to run multiple locations.


NICE Global being located in Jamaica has allowed Paul Herdsman to establish balance in his life. He spends time in his office making sure that the work he is doing is creating results. He knows that being busy won’t yield his results. Herdsman spends time working towards results and balance in his life. He gets ideas and implements them ion the office. When he leaves the office, he makes sure to create time for his family although he may have other things to do. Herdsman thrives off of balance. Go To This Page for more information about his interview with IdeaMensch.


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