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Gregory Aziz And Plentiful Efforts

Who is Gregory James Aziz? Gregory J. Aziz is the main man at National Steel Car at the moment. What exactly does he do for the North American company, anyway? He’s its Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and, finally, President. National Steel Car is a highly regarded railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering business that calls Hamilton, Ontario, Canada its home right now. Greg James Aziz’s life started in London, Ontario on a lovely late April day in 1949. He attended a trusted educational institution that was called Ridley College. He after that went to the University of Western Ontario, too.

His major at the school was economics. Greg Aziz got a job through his family after leaving school. His family members ran a wholesale food items company that was called Affiliated Foods. Aziz commenced his work with Affiliated Foods not too long after the seventies began. Achievement was in the cards for Affiliated Foods at that time as well. It turned into a national importing powerhouse that concentrated on food items that originated in South America, Central America and even Europe.

Aziz is a man who has varied interests. He devotes a lot of energy to contemplating food matters. He devotes a lot of effort to contemplating investment banking concepts as well. He managed a range of investment banking openings in the United States in New York, New York in the eighties going into the nineties. That’s how he managed a transaction that involved buying National Steel Car from an entity that was called Dofasco. This was a 1994 deal. His aim was to turn National Steel Car into something even more impressive. National Steel Car currently is a force in advancements that relate to brand new vehicles. It constructs countless railroad freight vehicles annually.


National Steel Car is a strong example of one that is enthusiastic about its surroundings and its citizens. It has given help to a number of nearby names, too. It has helped the Hamilton Opera, the Theatre Aquarius, the United Way and many others. National Steel Car puts on a holiday bash yearly, too. The company sets up an enormous food drive that offers sustenance to nearby institutions. Greg Aziz has been part of a delightful marriage for many years now. Irene is the name of his top lady. They both do a lot to help the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and all of its activities. Go To This Page for additional information.


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