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Started in 1909 by an Immigrant from Germany by the name of Otto Kolschowsky as a small butchery in the neighborhood, the company went through various transformations to becoming a global leader in the meat and its products. Today the company supplies most of the global brands with products. A few years ago, the company was listed among the most significant private run entities in the country, with a net worth of about 6 billion dollars in 2016. Additionally, the enterprise has continued to expand to Europe and Asia, and its customer base is increasing on a daily basis

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Currently, OSI Industries is a global leader with a beehive of activities globally. In the 17 countries that the company has ventured into, it operates more than sixty-five facilities with over twenty thousand employees worldwide. As per the year 2006, the company was ranked position 58 with a net worth of over six billion years. Currently, the organization is one of the biggest privately owned corporations in the United States.

The secret of OSI Industries lies in the leadership, employees and quality services. It is always said that when you treat you treat your employees right; they will treat your customers right as well. And when the customer is satisfied, he/she will come again. This one of the secret behind the success of the organization. Employee customer relationship is enhanced, and this makes the customer feel welcomed again and again. Furthermore, OSI Industries provides quality output to the customer making them feel the value for their money.

Another secret to reaping big is ensuring that the client gets value for their money. If you provide quality output, you will receive more customers. OSI Group acquires Baho Food. This builds the trust between you and the customer as well. Therefore, come up with quality products, one needs to blend into the culture of the customer and understand who they are and what they do.

Therefore, from the tireless work put into the industry by the management group and the entire staff, the company is yet to explode into a world of possibilities. With its constant innovation techniques and unique company culture, OSI Industries is and will continue to be a global leader in the food processing space. At the core of the organization’s success is the experience of the higher management team. Most of them have been with the company for an as three decades now.

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