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Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia Features in the Australian Financial Review Awards

The night of July 30, 2018, was a day of reckoning as Graeme Holm stood to the podium to receive the award from the Australian Financial Review of the Most Innovative Companies List.




After a rigorous vetting process carried by Inventium, a local consultancy firm and chosen experts from the industry, Infinity Group Australia emerged number 58 out of the over 1000 financial companies and institutions that had sent their submissions.




Australian Financial Review (AFR) has been organizing the awards for the last seven years under a different title. Initially, the awards were known as BRW Most Innovative Companies.




But, starting this year, the awards have been renamed Most Innovative Companies List. It is in this new list that Infinity Group Australia scooped the 58th position, beating hundreds of other financial and investment companies.




Each year, a list of 100 most innovative companies is compiled and published by the AFR journal. Remember that more than 1.8 million people read this journal, which offers practical financial investment tips.




During the vetting process, Inventium, an Australian consultancy firm together with financial experts was tasked to receive, analyze, and compile submissions from different companies. More than 1000 financial investment companies sent their submissions.




After looking at all the over 1000 submissions, the panel ranked Infinity Group Australia reviews number 58 in the list of 100 Most Innovative Companies.




The panel was keen at how each company solved clients’ problems, how effective the process was carried, the strategies used, and the uniqueness and quality of the solution offered. Experts also evaluated the companies’ financial status to ascertain the level of commitment and resources to handle different clients” financial problems.




When receiving the award, Graeme Holm said that he has nothing to celebrate on by himself. He said that his team has done a tremendous job. “I’m particularly happy because our team has been properly vetted and the award is an indication that we are using different unique approaches to solve our clients’ problems. On behalf of my company, I thank AFR, Inventium, and those financial experts who were keen to look at different aspects of each spectrum,” Holm said.




Before opening his company in 2012, Graeme Holm worked as an indoor soccer representative for his county and 17 years in different banks and financial institutions respectively.




When in the banking and investment sector, he noticed how people were struggling to repay their mortgages and at the same time earn a living. This motivated him to start Infinity Group Australia. The company’s headquarters are in Bella Vista, New South Wales. Learn more:



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